Express Document & Parcel

Special Pick Up & Delivery Service
Skynet offers a range of special collection and delivery options including:

  • Extended service hours
  • Weekend and holiday service
  • Remote areas service
  • Dedicated truck for heavy or bulky load

Diplomat Service -Same day door-to-door delivery service
Have you got a shipment that needs to be collected and delivered immediately? For shipments that just can't wait until tomorrow, Skynet offers a 24-hour door-to-door emergency delivery servi ce.

Track & Trace
On-line tracking with advanced tracking facilities with image to monitor your shipments at

Digital Invoicing

The digital invoicing allows the customer to view the itemize shipment information together with the amount chargeable without the need to flip through the pages of invoices every month

Payment & Billing
Skynet offers flexible billing and payment options for transport charges, duties and taxes. This flexibility gives you the freedom to bill the sender, receiver or a 3rd Party.

- To ensure the safety and security of your shipment, customer can purchase the flyer, cartons and boxes from Skynet at a minimum cost envelopes
- Not sure of the packing requirements for your shipment, you can count on us for advice on the custom regulations and documentation.

Bulk Mailing
When you have bulk shipments, call us and we will offer the following for your convenience.
- Skynet pick-up - no need to visit the post office
- Sorting - no need to sort your mail before pick-up
- Use of Skynet Air waybills / barcodes - simple and easy process and tracking of shipment status
- One simple invoice sent after shipping - no need for pre-payment

Priority & Security Handling
Special Handling Department at Skynet focuses on handling of sensitive materials, security and high valued items. This department has a separate sorting area as well as a special fleet of vehicles. Items designated to Special Delivery Department are handled by a group of specially trained staff.

Pick & Pack
At Skynet, we provide a pick and pack service for your goods stored at our warehouse and we also provide the last mile service of delivering your shipment to your designated location.

Transport Your Motorcycle
Need to transport your motorcycle from one location to another, why don’t you count on us to deliver the motorbike for you. Please contact our local agent for more information

Need Insurance for your shipment
Our Skycover provides extensive protection against all risks from the time of collection/receipt by carrier until delivery of shipment to the final destination. The coverage is deemed expired upon successful delivery of consigned goods to the destination as evidenced by the signature of recipient on the consignment note. For more information about the Skycover, please browse the web site at or contact our local agent.

Marine Insurance

During any transportation process, physical losses or damage to cargo can arise as a result of factors such as rough weather or the sinking of ships at sea, theft, or an overland collision. At Skynet, we believe in being prepared and providing the best cover for our customers; marine cargo insurance covers any loss, damage or liability your goods may be at risk during transportation from one place to another; this includes air freight, ocean freight and overland carriage.

Project Logistics

With a myriad projects handled around the globe, Skynet’s personnel have extensive experience and specialize in handling heavy lifts, such as the mobilization of power generation turbines and equipment for submarine pipeline projects. We specialize in the movement of oversized and overweight equipment, whether by air, sea or inland transportation. Let us help you manage your supply chain and ensure optimal efficiency for your business.

Custom Brokerage

With its own licensed brokers and personnel in Port Klang and Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Skynet provides import and export clearance services, which will help your goods clear customs quickly and efficiently. Our electronic customs clearance network takes advantage of the latest customs release initiatives and reviews your goods to make sure there comply with the most current regulations. Our customs experts can guide you through tariff classification, valuation, duty/tax recovery and specific product requirements.

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